Meet the Team

Kristy Beattie

Logistics & Customer Service Support


September 3


Chula Vista, CA

Where You Call "Home"

Home will probably always be Southern California (specifically Anaheim) since I lived there most of my life. But by moving to Jacksonville, we were able to purchase a house about a year ago. So Jacksonville is definitely home too.

Most Memorable Moment at UltraTech

Besides my interview which gave me a wonderful first impression, I think my first day and I was made to feel so welcome by some wonderful people.

Something from Your Bucket List

To travel the world.

Favorite Thing About UltraTech

The people.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Business?

My boss from my first grown-up job. His name was Len Wagner. He was an amazing salesman. He taught me to not be afraid to make a decision – He told me that when he and his wife were going on a 2-week cruise and left me to run his business while they were gone.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Life?

My husband. I got married when I was 19 and he was 21. In April we celebrated 34 years of marriage.