Ultra-Oil Stain Remover®

Remove oil stains from asphalt, brick and unsealed concrete

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Ultra-Oil Stain Remover

Part # Model Quantity Weight lbs. (kg)
523616 oz.1 Bottle1.25 (.6)
522616 oz.Case of 8 Bottles10 (4.5)
523732 oz.1 Bottle2.33 (1.1)
522732 oz.Case of 6 Bottles14 (6.4)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Oil Stain Remover is citrus-based and biodegradable.

The time it takes to remove an oil stain is dependent on how big (deep) the stain is. For stains that have “soaked in” over a period of time, it could take several applications before it is completely removed.

Any excess oil should be wiped up before pouring the Oil Stain Remover. Other than that, no prep is required.

Ultra-Oil Stain Remove can be used on concrete (sealed or unsealed), asphalt, brick, carpet and other types of flooring. We recommend testing in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.

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