The most effective way to separate oil on water surfaces


Part # Model Notes
0943SCO 1000See Specifications Below
0940SCO 8000See Specifications Below
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultra-SurfCleaner is capable of recovering many oil types including light fractions, diesel, jet fuel, petroleum as well as heavier fractions. If it floats, Ultra-SurfCleaner will recover and separate it.

  • The SCO8000 is capable of recovering, separating, and discharging up to 2,113 gallons of oil per hour (8,000 liters).
  • The SCO1000 is capable of recovering, separating, and discharging up to 264 gallons of oil per hour (1,000 liters).
  • The SCO8000 requires 230V 50/60Hz – 100W average
  • The SCO1000 requires 110V/230V 50/60Hz – 10W average
  • SCO8000 – 6.6 feet in diameter (2m)
  • SCO1000 – 4.6 feet (1.4m).  2 feet (0.6m) in transport mode.
  • SCO8000 – 551 lbs. (250kg)
  • SCO1000 – 55 lb. (25kg)
  • SCO8000 – approximately 3.3 feet (1m)
  • SCO1000 – approximately 1.6 feet (0.5m)

Yes, depending on the shape up to…

  • SCO8000 – 5 inches (130mm)
  • SCO1000 – 2.75 inches (70mm)
  • SCO8000 316 Stainless steel, Nitrile, PUR & polyester
  • SCO1000 316 Stainless steel, aluminum, PE, and PUR

Yes, in most cases. In general, if it floats, Ultra-SurfCleaner will remove it.

Yes, it will remove both but it will not remove the oil from the sludge.

Maintenance is very minimal and takes approximately one hour every three to four months.

There are no consumables as such, replacement bellows are recommended depending on how aggressive the products being recovered are.

The Ultra-SurfCleaner can be set to automatic or set to cycle at set intervals and operated manually.

All Ultra-SurfCleaner models are can be certified for Zone 0 and the control boxes can be certified for Zone 1.

All that is required is an outlet for discharging the recovered oil and power supply.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

There is no pump, the propeller, powered by the motor, uses the water like a piston to push the recovered oil out of the Ultra-SurfCleaner body and through the discharge pipe.

  • SCO8000 – 238 gallons (900 liters)
  • SCO1000 – 9.2 gallons (35 liters)

This is not the amount of oil that is discharged.

The Ultra-SurfCleaner has the option to have wireless connectivity and can be controlled through a web and/or app interface on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

    This product may not address any specific regulations but if you have any questions, we’re here to help.