Ultra-SurfCleaner is a single-process oil/water skimmer/separator hybrid for 100% separation, removal, and recovery of oil, petrol, microplastics, sheen, and more from water surfaces.
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Quick Facts

  • Automatic: Once initial set-up is complete, collection and
    separation of oil (with up to 100% separation capability) is
    done automatically
  • High Performance: Capacity to collect and separate
    8,000 liters (2,113 gal) of pure oil per hour
  • Heavy-Duty: Continuous operation – 24 hours per day,
    7 days a week, with minimal service requirements, even
    over long periods of time
  • Cost-Efficient: Energy and cost-efficient operation with
    low maintenance, enabling substantial cost savings.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires no pump, no powerpack, no
    hydraulics, and no pneumatics.
  • User-Friendly: Easy handling, installation, and service.
  • Capable: Automatically removes and separates without
    need to change speed for low viscosity oils or sheens
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Reduces CO2 and VOC
    emissions by up to 95%E

How it Works

Step 1: Oil Removal – The propeller creates negative pressure, causing the water with the oil on the surface to flow into the Ultra-SurfCleaner.

Step 2: Oil Separation – Deflection disks force the oil and the water to the periphery. As the flow velocity drops, the oil is forced upwards to the ceiling while the water is forced down towards the propeller and the outlet. Separation of the oil from the water is up to 100%.

Step 3: Oil Recovery – With the water acting as a piston, the oil is discharged at the rate of up to 8,000 liters (2,113 gals) of pure oil per hour into an external storage tank.

How it's Different

The Ultra-SurfCleaner is different from traditional oil skimmers and oil and water separators in several ways, including:

  • It can separate diesel fuel far better, whereas traditional skimmers collect more water than fuel.
  • It can remove oil sheen from water surfaces that traditional oil skimmers cannot.
  • It can operate 24/7 with very little maintenance or power requirements.

Applicable Industries

Pre-treatment of wastewater is a requirement for many industries in many countries, which is where the Ultra-SurfCleaner really shines. For example, the Ultra-SurfCleaner makes it possible for water treatment plants to solve sludge problems and increase biogas production. The device is also perfect for refineries and similar industries to recover oil, diesel, and petrol from contaminated water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95%. Ultra-SurfCleaner can also be used to remove oil in ports, tunnels, mines, and oil caverns. Here are just some of the industries where Ultra-SurfCleaner has been successfully deployed:


Recycling & Waste Management

Tunneling & Mining

Steel Mills

Oil Ports & Harbors


Spill Response


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