A Durable Omni Repellant (DOR) that deflects water, food, oil, and much more

EverShield creates a polymer coating around each fiber that is woven into a fabric giving it a “force field” of protection with outstanding repellency and long-lasting durability.

As a Durable Omni Repellant (DOR), EverShield outperforms Durable Water-Repellents (DWRs) not only by repelling water longer but by repelling oils, food products, mud, concrete, ice, and other aqueous solutions.

How Does it Work?

EverShield establishes a polymer coating that encases each fiber of the material, resulting in a water repellent fabric and significantly increasing its durability through a complex, protective matrix. The coating that is created maintains performance levels of long-chain fluorocarbons while utilizing more acceptable six-carbon fluoropolymers.

EverShield Outperforms DWRs

  • Oleophobic | Resists and repels most oils, acids, and alkalines.
  • Superhydrophobic | Superior water repellent.
  • Icephobic | Repels and reduces the formation of ice.
  • Tensile Strength | Maintains the strength of the original starting fabric.
  • Extremely Durable | Maintains advanced properties, including oil repellency for up to 50 washes.
  • Excellent Breathability | Preserves fabric properties without adding weight for thermal management.
  • Original Feel | Retains original fabric softness and feel.

Get EverShield

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Watch the Video - EverShield Fabric Protection