Repel Almost Any Liquid with Ultra-Ever Dry®

Ultra-Ever Dry® is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids. Ultra-Ever Dry® uses proprietary omniphobic technology to coat an object and create a surface chemistry and texture with patterns of geometric shapes that have “peaks” or “high points.” These high points repel water, some oils, wet concrete, and other liquids, unlike any other coating.

How Does it Work?

Anti-Wetting | Ultra-Ever Dry® water repellent spray is a superhydrophobic coating keeps objects dry, including electronics, some fabrics, wood, cement, and more.

Anti-Corrosion | Ultra-Ever Dry® offers enhanced corrosion protection since the superhydrophobic coating repels water, salt water, aqueous acids, and bases.

Anti-Icing | Ultra-Ever Dry® keeps coated materials completely dry, eliminating the formation of ice.

Anti-Contamination | Ultra-Ever Dry® repels water and other liquids that contain bacteria or radiation so the coated surface is easy to decontaminate. Dust and dirt are easily removed with low-pressure water.

Self-Cleaning | Ultra-Ever Dry® repels dirty water and some oils, and remains clean and virtually bacteria-free. When dust, dirt, or other molecules accumulate on the coated surface, a light spray of water or a blast of air will do the trick.

Product Life-Extending | Ultra-Ever Dry® extends the life of electric motors and electronics by preventing the build-up of moisture and corrosion.

Get Ultra-Ever Dry®

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