Meet the Team

Molly Garibay

Marketing Assistant


April 12


Rock Hill, South Carolina

Where You Call "Home"

Jacksonville, Florida


I have many hobbies, but I would say the ones nearest to my hear would be playing guitar, adventuring the outdoors, spending time with my 3 cats and working on my career as a creative professional.

Something from Your Bucket List

A bucket list item that I hope to accomplish is owning a home in the hills of beautiful Malibu.

Favorite Thing About UltraTech

My favorite thing about UltraTech is the mission: creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Business?

The people that influenced me the most in business would have to be Lewis Howes and Robert Kiyosaki and the biggest overall influence in business was understanding that the only way to fail is to quit.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Life?

My family has been my biggest influence in life. I strive everyday to become 1% better and reach every goal I set to make them proud.