Meet the Team

Courtney Kucera

Operations Manager

Courtney (Center) with her grandparents


August 13


Whittier, California

Where You Call "Home"

Vidalia, GA

Most Memorable Moment at UltraTech

Being voted Employee of the Month after only 4 months of working here. I felt honored that my peers felt I was doing that well for me to earn that title that month.


Building Lego sets (Disney or Flowers), Reading, putting together puzzles, Going to the Zoo

Something from Your Bucket List

Now that I went on an African Safari I want to go back and volunteer at a Rhino Orphanage! #SaveTheRhinos

Favorite Thing About UltraTech

The culture. It is a very family-oriented atmosphere and I love that.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Business?

My aunt Nancy has been my biggest influence in business. She has been very successful in her career and is now the VP of Operations of the company she works for. She has always encouraged me to look at multiple options and to never give up on what I am striving for.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Life?

My mother has been my biggest influence in life. She raised 4 children on her own and did everything she could to ensure that we had a great upbringing. Throughout my life, I have watched her work hard and that in turn instilled in me a determination to have the same work ethic.