UltraTech Sourcing Services

Sourcing Product Is Challenging... Let Us Handle It For You!

We Get It

Sourcing products overseas is challenging, to say the least. We know. We’ve managed the process for decades.

Our team here at UltraTech International knows how hard it is to find the right overseas partners, ensure quality control assurances are in place, and get products delivered to spec, on time, and in perfect condition.

Our experience optimizing overseas product sourcing means you don’t have to start from scratch. We’ll help you deal with the complexities (and headaches) so you can focus on growing your business.


Sourcing Challenges

If you’ve been sourcing products or have started the process, you’ve already been faced with these questions (or are about to):

  • Is the foreign company legit?
  • Am I actually going to get my product?
  • Are there proper quality controls and assurances?

This is, of course, just the beginning. UltraTech has manufacturing and quality control partners in various countries around the world and we successfully source products for many of our distributors. In other words, we remove the pain points.


  • Approved samples and pricing signoffs before kicking off programs.
  • Quality controls on the products you are sourcing from us prior to them being shipped.
  • UltraTech vetted partners that are financially sound.
  • Manufacturing partners that respect and treat employees to meet all of our ethical standards of human rights. (I’ve used this before, not saying you have to)
  • Landed costs and pricing advantages in the market to help you maintain or capture market share.

Next Steps

Interested is seeing what we can do for you? Here’s what we need from you in order to get started:

  1. Product samples
  2. Pricing targets
  3. Volumes and usage
  4. Labeling requirements