Meet the Team

Paul Sander

Engineering Manager

Paul with wife Avery


July 22


Philadelphia, PA

Where You Call "Home"

Wisconsin and Florida are now tied for where I would call home.

Most Memorable Moment at UltraTech

Shortly after I started, it was incredible watching Mario and Michael get splashed with 5 gallons of mud for the 2nd Ultra-Ever Dry viral video.


Hiking, biking, music, being outdoors

Something from Your Bucket List

Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiking Machu Picchu, visiting the Galapagos. Ride in a rocket going into space…if it is affordable and possible for the public.

Favorite Thing About UltraTech

The awesome people. During my interview, Mark said that one of the greatest benefits of working here was the free candy.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Business?

I learn so much here at UltraTech, each day, and have from year to year so far. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have/had very successful careers in business, and I have learned a ton from them, too.

Who/What Has Been Your Biggest Influence in Life?

My parents, my wife, her parents, and church.