Spill Containment for the Railroad Industry

Ultra-Track Pans®

Capture hazardous spills from railroad tanker cars and locomotives

* To drive over Track Pans, firm footing must be beneath the Pans; also must “ramp up” to Side Pans with asphalt or concrete.

† Polyethylene gaskets are used from most applications. Viton gaskets are available for crude oil applications. See website for more details.

Flow-through channels — All Pans are connected “end-to-end” with bulkhead fittings, and a 3-inch diameter flow-through channel, allowing spills to quickly travel from one Pan to the next.

Closed-cell, polyethylene (LLDPE) gaskets are
installed to provide a seal between the pans and rails (gaskets are provided).

Side Pans are secured in place with 24” rebar fasteners. Typical installs require two pieces of rebar per Side Pan.

Ultra-Track Pans®

Composite Model

Modular, 20-foot spill containment pans share containment, providing unlimited capacity

System shown includes one Center Pan (Part# 7200) and two Side Pans (Part# 7210)

Optional flow-through technology increases containment capacity for larger spills while minimizing the cleanup of smaller spills.

Optional polyethylene (LLDPE) grating package available for safer foot traffic

Optional rail side gaskets prevent leaking between rails and Track Pans.