9 Funny but Real Reasons UltraTech Is Different

1.  UltraTech is like a hero’s sidekick – we’ll be there to support you whenever you need us! Actually, we’re like a whole squad of sidekicks (posse?) because we have a sales team of seasoned industry veterans that lead five of the industry’s best manufacturer’s rep groups. Together we assist our distributors in the many facets of the sales and marketing process. What does that look like? Great question! It looks like ride-alongs. It looks like sales and product training. And it looks like assistance at open houses and trade shows.

2.  UltraTech is like a good plastic surgeon – we make you look good! Our award-winning marketing team creates a ridiculous amount of collateral. And all of it is available to you. We can put your logo and contact info on our stuff or, in a lot of cases, we can create something specific to your market or application.

3.  UltraTech is like your best buddy – we’re here to help, and we’ll always take your phone call. Our customer service team has built a solid reputation over the past 25 years as the best in the industry, and we don’t take that lightly. They’re not just order takers or order status giver outters, but a true service team that has been enabled (dare I say, “empowered”) to do whatever it takes to make and keep our distributors thrilled they are doing business with us.

4.  UltraTech is like your in-laws – we’ll come to your place and point out all of the problems. UltraTech sales managers and/or our reps can join you on a visit to your customer’s location for a site audit. Using our custom software, we can provide a complete list of potential “problem areas” along with the proper solution to help your customer comply with regulations. In a recent audit, one of our reps along with a distributor toured a local college resulting in a $27,000 order. How do ya like THAT, “mom”?!

5.  UltraTech is like a good prom date – we “dance with the one who brought us.” We built and grew our business with the help of our distributors. We couldn’t have done it without you and for that (among many reasons), we do NOT sell direct.

6.  UltraTech is like a streetwise ex-con on a cop show – we give great leads! Since we don’t sell direct, someone has to do it for us. We make sure all the leads we generate via trade shows, our website, and advertisements get sent directly to our distributors for follow-up.

7.  UltraTech is like a bodyguard – we’ve got your back and will make sure you are protected. Sometimes, we even wear dark sunglasses and hidden earpieces (not really). We provide you with only quality products and back them with an industry-leading, 5-year warranty. We understand that your reputation with your customers is crucial so we’ll support you with products that are guaranteed to last.

8.  UltraTech is like the Professor on Gilligan’s Island – we’re constantly coming up with innovations! Okay, so none of our products have used coconuts or banana crème pies, but our reputation in the industry as the new product innovator is well deserved. We have introduced an average of 20 new products every year and hold over 60 patents.

9.  UltraTech is like Mr. Miyagi – we are wise and full of experience. You can buy a sword and throwing stars but that doesn’t make you a ninja. You can buy a spill containment company but that doesn’t make you a compliance expert. We have been doing this for more than 25 years, and our founders are credited with starting the spill containment industry.