We would like to thank the men and women who have bravely and honorably defended our country by serving in our military. Below are the UltraTech employees and immediate family members who have served or are currently serving.

Mario Cruz - Marketing Director

U.S. Navy, 1989-1994. Helicopter Aircrewman (SH-3H), Rescue Swimmer, and Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator. Served with helicopter squadron HS-7 (The Dusty Dogs) aboard the USS John F. Kennedy and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Courtney Kucera - Customer Service Manager

Grandfather – Byron Clark Brown 

U.S. Navy, 1951-1955. Korean War Veteran.

Matt Clancy - Business Development Manager, ATG

Grandfathers – Paul P. Clancy, Sr. and Frank Celularo.

Both served in World War II.

Father-in-law – Angel Morales

U.S. Marine Corps 1965-1967. Demolitions Expert for the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines. He was picked up in Puerto Rico and brought to Camp Lejeune before heading to Vietnam for 13 months from 1966 – 1967, when he was wounded in battle and received the Purple Heart.

Sonja Day - Project Manager


Retired Command Master Chief, U.S. Navy. 1980-2010. Aviation Electrician.


U.S. Navy. 2012-Present

Tim McGrath - Vice President of Sales

Father – Frank McGrath

U.S. Navy.  Stationed in Rota, Spain on the USS Canopus (Sub-tender).

Ashley Khader - Accounting Specialist

Sister- Kristin Robar

U.S. Airforce 2001-2011. Grand Forks, ND. Healthcare Administration

Brother-In-Law –  Charles Robar

U.S. Airforce 2006 – Present. Currently stationed in Jacksonville FL. as a MEPS Liaison Supervisor

Father- Sean McDonough

U.S. Navy 1983-1993. Hospital Corpsman, Aerospace Medicine, and Aerospace Physiology Tech. 

U.S. Army 2006-2012. Captain/Critical Care Nurse

Brother – Michael McDonough

U.S. Army National Guard 2020-Present. Infantry

Grandfather – Sherwood Carver

U.S. Army- 1963-1969

Keith Dawkins - Purchasing Manager

Keith Dawkins (Center)
U.S. Air Force – 67 Special Operations
Airborne Communications – Navigator 
Technical Sergent 1980-1988 Accepted to Officer Corp
Captain 1988-1992
Abriaunna Dawkins-Green – Daughter
U.S. Air Force – NATO AWACS
Command and Control Officer
William Dawkins – Brother
U.S. Air Force – Cam Rahn AB Viet Nam
Aerial Photographer – Helicopter Squadron
Willie J Dawkins – Uncle
U.S. Army
Korean War 1950-1953

Laurie Brochu - Finance Director

Father – Charles Glidden

U.S. Coast Guard 1961-1965. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Coos Bay, Portland, ME for two years, then, assigned to USCG Eastwind, an Icebreaker serving in Antarctica until May 1965, retired as Boatswain’s Mate 3rd class.

Paul Sander - Engineering Manager

Father – Commander Jeffrey Richard Sander

U.S. Naval Academy – Class of 1976; U.S. Navy, 1976 – 1997. USS Marvin Shields, USS Takelma, USS Caron, USS Dale, USS Saratoga, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Grandfather – Captain Richard Elmer Sander

U.S. Navy, 1949 – 1978. Received wings in December 1950. Served two deployments to the Korean War theater, flying PBM flying boat patrol planes.

Grandfather – Richard Henry Greene

U.S. Navy, ~1944-1946. As a teenager, he enlisted in the US Navy while in Seattle, receiving training as a radio operator at Great Lakes Naval Training Center near Chicago. He didn’t ‘see action’ overseas, because the war ended. He was honorably discharged in July 1946 as a Yeoman Third Class and returned to Seattle to continue his education at the University of Washington.

Molly Silvers - Marketing Assistant

Grandfather – Randy Waldrop

U.S. Army Infantry Vietnam 1973 – 1975

Uncle – Joshua Waldrop

U.S. Army 118 Infantry Battalion, Iraq and Afghanistan 2004-2007


Jean Smith - National Account Support Specialist

Son – Cpl. Matthew Allen

U.S. Marine Corps, 2014-2019. He is a machine gunner with the 2/2 based in Camp Lejeune, NC.

Uncle – Chuck Theusch

U.S. Army in Vietnam, 1969 — 1972. He founded Children’s Library Project which currently builds children’s libraries in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia providing books and internet to local children.

Caprice Taylor - Customer Service Representative

U.S. Marine Corps, 1992-1994. 0151 Administrative Clerk; Honorable Discharge

Taylor White - Senior Customer Service Representative & Training Coordinator

Father – Harold White

U.S. Army 1985-1989. From 1985-1987, he was an infantryman (Heavy Anti-Armor Specialist), and from 1987-1989, he was a Public Affairs Officer. 

Grandfather – Barney White

U.S. Navy 1963-1984. From 1985-1987. Administrative Specialist for various commands from ships to aviation units.

Dale Shaw - Vice President of Operations

Father – Ronald James Lannan

1st Lt., U.S. Marine Corps. 1952 – 1954. Honorable Discharge after being injured during combat training at Quantico.

Nephew – Mitchell Stock

Captain, U.S. Army. Attended United States Military Academy at West Point. Served 7 years as an Army Air Defense Artillery Officer. Deployed to Kuwait in 2012 and was then stationed in Baumholder, Germany from 2013-2016 serving as an Operations Officer and Battery Commander. Currently serving as Assistant Professor of Military Science at the University of Scranton ROTC.

Nephew – Andrew Stock

Captain, U.S. Army. Has served 6 years as an Army Field Artillery Officer. After graduating from West Point, he deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and Kuwait in 2014. Following these deployments, he moved to Fort Benning, GA where he served as the assistant Brigade Fire Support Officer. Andrew has recently transitioned out of the Army to work in the private sector.