Capture oil, gas and other hydrocarbons while allowing clean rainwater to flow through

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Ultra-Filter Pads

Part # Model Quantity Dimensions in. (mm) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
6540Small Filter Pad130 x 24 x 3 (762 x 609.6 x 76.2)0.8 (3.0)4 (1.8)
6541Medium Filter Pad142 x 30 x 3 (1066.8 x 762 x 76.2)1.5 (5.7)6 (2.7)
6542Large Filter Pad160 x 48 x 3 (1524 x 1219.2 x 76.2)3.3 (12.5)12 (5.4)
6550Small Replacement Liners4-Pack30 x 24 x .1 (762 x 609.6 x 3.3)0.8 (3.0) ea.1.5 (.7)
6551Medium Replacement Liners4-Pack42 x 30 x .1 (1066.8 x 762 x 3.3)1.5 (5.7) ea.2.5 (1.1)
6552Large Replacement Liners4-Pack60 x 48 x .1 (1524 x 1219.2 x 3.3)3.3 (12.5) ea.5 (2.3)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra-Filter Pad excels where ease of portability is a priority. Because it is lightweight and compact, it is perfect for use in the field and especially in more remote areas. The Ultra-X-Tex liners can absorb oils and hydrocarbons and prevent the environment from being contaminated.

The Ultra-Absorbent Tarp is similar in use and application as the Ultra-Filter Pad and maybe a good alternative solution.

The Ultra-Filter Pad is not a spill containment product. It is designed to only hold water for a short period of time in order to give the Ultra-X-Tex enough time to filter hydrocarbons. (NOTE: Ultra-X-Tex filters oils and other hydrocarbons from water very quickly. During heavy/fast rainfall, additional time can be beneficial).

Yes, the Ultra-Filter Pad is available in custom sizes. Please contact us for minimum order and other information.

Yes, the Ultra-X-Tex liners are available separately. A complete unit does not need to be purchased every time.

Ultra-X-Tex allows water to pass through much quicker than any polypropylene absorbent.

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