Quick response to small hydrocarbon leaks and spills on land or water

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Ultra-Oil Mops

Part # Model Weight lbs. (kg) Quantity
3300Ultra-Oil Mop4 (1.8)Ultra-Oil Mop with Six (6) Sorbent Pads
3305Ultra-Oil Mop Replacement Sorbent Pads8 (3.6)50 Pack
3307Ultra-Oil Mop - Drip & Storage Tray3 (1.4)1 Tray
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any used pads will need to be properly disposed of which typically means, in the same manner, you would dispose of the liquid/chemical that you just absorbed. Please confirm with your local authorities for required procedures.

The Ultra-Oil Mop (Part# 3300) comes with six (6) Sorbent Pads so you’ll have something to start with, but it’s a good idea to buy the 50-Pack or replacement Pads, so you have them on hand for larger spills.

No, no tools are required. The Oil Mop can be assembled by hand very quickly and easily so you can respond to the spill.

No, the Oil Mop’s head is a closed-cell foam so it will not absorb any water. And the polypropylene Sorbent Pads are “oil specific” and will not soak up any water.

The Ultra-Oil Mop has a telescoping handle that can be adjusted in length from 30″ to 52″.

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    This product may not address any specific regulations but if you have any questions, we’re here to help.