Ultra-Drum Lifter®

Safely lift 55-gallon steel drums

Steel 55-gallon drums can get pretty heavy depending on what's inside of them.  The Ultra-Drum Lifter makes it easier to lift drums and put them inside of Overpacks or Hard Top or on top of things like Spill Pallets or Spill Decks. 

  • Securely grips 55-gallon steel drums when loading and unloading salvage drums.
  • Rugged, all-steel construction



Drum Lifter


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Ultra-Drum Lifter

Part # Description Load Capacity lbs. (kg) Weight lbs. (kg) Overall Width in. (mm) Overall Height in. (mm) Overall Depth in. (mm)
0409 Drum Lifter 1,000 (455) 20.0 (9.0) 9.875 7.375 19.63