Ultra-Global Funnel®

Global Model

Drum top funnel securely fits nearly every 55-gallon drum in the world

Product Highlights

Ultra-Global Funnel

Part # Model Dimensions in. (mm) Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
0497Ultra-Global Funnel28 x 28 x 9 (711.2 x 711.2 x 228.6)5 (18.9)12 (5.4)
0499Ultra-Global Funnel with Hinged Cover Model29 x 29 x 11 (736.6 x 736.6 x 279.4)5 (18.9)17 (7.7)
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Part # Model Product Image Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
0498Optional Snap-on Cover25 x 24 x 7 (635 x 609.6 x 177.8)7 (3.2)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fifty-five gallon drums are not the same worldwide. The standard in North America is not the same as it is in Asia. We designed the Ultra-Global Drum Funnel with its unique “locator feet” so that it would fit nearly every 55-gallon drum (or its international equivalent) in the world.

The Ultra-Global Drum Funnel is made with a low-density polyethylene which provides excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode.

A snap-on cover (p/n 0498) is available for the Global Funnel. There is also a hinged model Ultra-Global Drum Funnel (p/n 0499) for those who prefer a cover that stays attached and won’t get lost or misplaced.

The hinged Global Funnel can be locked with a standard padlock. The snap on cover does not lock to the Funnel. Please keep in mind that locking the Hinged Funnel locks only the cover down to the Funnel, the Funnel can still be lifted off of the drum. If you would like to secure the Funnel to the drum, please contact us for details.

The Global Funnel is protected by our 5-year warranty. Find out more here.

The Ultra-Global Drum Funnel sits on top of the drum (it does not screw into the bung) so it not liquid tight and will not prevent liquids from coming out of a tipped drum. The Funnel can be used in conjunction with an accessory item such as the Ultra-Vapor Lock to accomplish a liquid tight seal. A specifically modified Funnel is necessary for this type of application. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, the Global Funnel will work with both steel and poly drums.

    This product may not address any specific regulations but if you have any questions, we’re here to help.