Ultra-Repair Putty®

Epoxy putty tackles the toughest repair jobs
  • Adheres to steel, glass, masonry and most plastics.
  • A quick and effective solution to cracks, broken seals and leaks.
  • Simply pinch off the amount desired, knead to a uniform gray and press into place.
  • Hardens like steel in only one hour!



Density 15 4/5 lbs./gal.
Modulus of Elasticity 6 x 105 psi
Hardness (Shore D) 85
Compression Strength 18,000 psi
Shear Strength 700 psi
Tensile Strength 6,000 psi
Temp (Intermittent) 300°F (149°C)
Izod Impact 3 ft.-lb./in. of notch
Temp. (Continuous) 250°F (121°C)


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Ultra-Repair Putty

Part # Description Dimensions in. (mm) Storage Conditions Shelf Life Weight lbs. (kg)
2120 Case of 12 Sticks 7 x ⅞ dia. (178 x 22 dia.) Exothermic reaction at 123°F. (51° C). Unaffected by cold. Best used when warm. Several years if stored in original tube with cap on. 4.0 (2.0)

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