The ultimate LDR treatment of RCRA Mixed Low Level Waste debris, and Radioactive Lead Solids


Part # Model Containment Capacity gal. (L) Weight Capacity UDL (lbs) Dimensions in. (mm)
9530Ultra-Macro Pack - 55-Gallon Model - Type A55 (24.9476)840 (381.018)Outside: 23.75 x 35 x .25 (603.25 x 889 x 6.35)
Inside: 20.75 x 30.5 x .5 (527.05 x 774.7 x 12.7)
9542Ultra-Macro Pack - 110-Gallon Model - Type A110 (49.8952)800 (362.874)Outside: 31.25 x 42.5 x .25 (793.75 x 1079.5 x 6.35)
Inside: 28.25 x 37.5 x .5 (717.55 x 952.5 x 12.7)
970-104-03Ultra-Macro Pack - 6-Pack II Box Model - Type A - Non-fissile330 (1249.19) - Six (6) 55-Gallon Drums8300 (3764.817)Outside: 91.875 x 66.875 x .45.75 (2333.625 x 1698.625 x 1162.05)
Inside: 78.625 x 54.375 x .40.5 (1997.075 x 1381.125 x 1028.7)
970-171-00Ultra-Macro Pack - 6-Pack II Box Model - Type A - Fissile330 (1249.19) - Six (6) 55-Gallon Drums8300 (3764.817)Outside: 91.875 x 66.875 x .45.75 (2333.625 x 1698.625 x 1162.05)
Inside: 78.625 x 54.375 x .40.5 (1997.075 x 1381.125 x 1028.7)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The ECU can be configured to meet your site-specific power requirements and can be configured as a stationary unit (as shown the adjacent photo) or as a portable unit that can be deployed on-site or off. The ECU can be rented for short-term campaigns or purchased for longer-term use. Many sites have purchased ECUs customized to complement their operational needs.

You can ship the packaged waste off-site without macroencapsulating the waste first and have the macro process performed elsewhere.
A final option is to contract UltraTech to process the waste for you. The process requires very little space (less than 1000 ft2), can be performed indoors or out, and can be done with minimal training.

  • EPA’s Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs) treatment standards for RCRA regulated debris and mixed low-level debris waste.
  • Approved by the State of Nevada for the treatment of debris and radioactive lead solids for disposal at the Nevada Test Site (NTS).
  • Manage waste in storage at your location without repackaging it for off-site treatment.
  • Select virtually any size, shape, weight rating, or DOT shipping requirement to meet your specific needs.
  • Overpack boxes and drums without repacking, use the same container for direct loading or design a unit to overpack contaminated pumps, piping, or other awkward items.
  • Loading, sealing, and ready-to-ship in two hours.
  • Eliminate the need to repackage or directly handle waste, overpack the waste in its original shape or packaging.
  • Do-it-yourself on-site for maximum savings and process control.
  • Safety – The low-temperature technology eliminates fire protection and nuclear safety issues. No need for a “hot work” permit.
  • Quality Assurance – UltraTech’s audited NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program provides confidence that you can rely on.
  • Ease-of-Use – The EPA dubbed the process “monkey welding” because even a monkey could do it.
  • Standard Sizes – 55-gallon drums, 110-gallon drums, Standard Waste Box (overpacks six-55 gallon drums)

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