Ultra-Oil Filter Boom®

Skirted Model

Stop oil spills at the surface AND below

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Ultra-Oil Filter Boom - Skirted Model

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Absorption Capacity gal. (L)
5240Boom 13’ L (4 m)11.0 (41.5)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra-Oil Filter Boom is made with Ultra-X-Tex. It is a recycled material that can very quickly pull oil from water.

The Ultra-Oil Filter Boom, Skirted Model can hold up to 11 gallons (41.5 L). The extension skirt can also hold up to 11 gallons (41.5 L).

Yes, there are attachment points for both the boom and the extension skirt.

The Ultra-X-Tex material used to make the Ultra-Oil Filter Boom outperforms polypropylene in absorption capacity and other aspects. Click here to learn more.

When only considering the “off the shelf” price, polypropylene is cheaper. However, when taking into consideration the additional costs of labor to deploy and retrieve each boom, the Ultra-Oil Filter Boom is considerably less expensive. Click here to learn more.

    This product may not address any specific regulations but if you have any questions, we’re here to help.