Ultra-Gravel Bag®

Heavy-duty bags provide quick and easy sediment and erosion control

Product Highlights

Ultra-Gravel Bags

Part # Model Color Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Quantity
9781Roll FormOrange19" x 250 yards (483 mm x 228.5 m)75 (34)One (1) continuous roll
9782IndividualGreen48 x 11 x 0 (1219.2 x 279.4 x 0)60 (27.2)250 bags per box
9784Roll FormGreen(2) rolls 11" x 250 yards each (280 mm x 228.5 m)80 (36.3)Two (2) continuous rolls
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all Ultra-Gravel Bags are shipped empty.

Yes, Ultra-Gravel Bags have a high UV rating and are designed for years of outdoor exposure (Actual life span of the bags varies and will depend on several factors including application, location and exposure to the elements).

The apparent opening size (AOS) of the Ultra-Gravel Bags is 40 US Sieve (0.425mm).

The flow rate of the gravel bags will vary depending on the size and amount of aggregate inside. However, the material itself has a flow rate of 145 gal/min per sq. ft.

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Helps Comply with These Rules & Regulations

  • Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)